Congress Topics

The main topics will be:

Basic physical processes

TL, OSL, EPR, RPL,  TSEE, scintillation


Materials characteristics

Synthetic material characteristics

Natural material characteristics


Semiconductor detectors

EPR detectors

Track detectors

Fricke and polymer gels

Radiochromic dyes

Monitoring and Detection

Individual dosimetry (external, extremity, internal)

Environmental dosimetry

Micro-and nano-dosimetry

Space and aviation dosimetry

Neutron dosimetry

Particle dosimetry

High-level radiation dosimetry

Medical Dosimetry

Radiation-therapy dosimetry

Diagnostic radiology dosimetry

Patient dosimetry

Dose reconstruction

Dating (luminescence, fission-track and EPR)

Accident dosimetry

Forensic dosimetry

Retrospective dosimetry